inflatable slide
Xincheng designs are by far the most popular and versatile. All of our designs feature unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail. Contact us, we can produce custom units as well


XS265 8x8x7m

XP199 5.5x12.5x5m

XF143 8.5x7x7m

XS264 4.5x11x7m

XS263 5x7.5x5m

XO120 3x9x3m

XO119 15.5x5x5m

XC169 5x6x5m

XO118 5.5x11x6.5m

XO113 20x6x8m

XO112 5x8x5m

XC162 7x7x6m

XS244 6.5x9x8m

XF128 12x9x6.5m

XC157 7x8x7m


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