inflatable slide
This range products are with combination of inflatable bounce and inflatable slide. These versatile inflatable combos come in all sizes and shapes and offer large jumping zones, fun climbing stairs and exciting slides all in one unit. With its many activities,inflatable combo is sure to hold the attention of the most hyper-active kids!


XC193 8.69x5.94x5.79m

XC186 6x3.6m

XC180 5.18x4.75x4.88m

XC98 9.5x4x5m

XC94-2 4.2x4m

XC25-2 4.2x4m

XC189 5x5x4.5m

XC183 4x3x2.1m

XC178-1 4.8x5.3m

XC178 4.8x5.3m

XC177 4.8x5.3m

XC176 4.8x5.3m

XC175 4.8x5.3m

XC174 5x6m

XC173 4.8x5.3m


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