inflatable slide
This range of compact bouncers is cute, colorful and provide many selections for outdoor uses. Kids will feel very easy and happy in their own kingdom. They will never want to come out of these unless they are tired. The following is perfect for small spaces. You can fit these bouncers almost anywhere, from play centers to backyards and also schools. Customer’s design is available.


XB230 5x5m

XB246 3.5x3.5m

XB231 6x3x2.5m

XB248 7.9x7.1x4.5m

XB226 6x4m

XB225 6x4m

XB223 4x4m

XB221 4.2x4x3.5m

XB62-1 6x4m

XB224 7x4m

XB228 4x5x4.5m

XB229 6x6m

XB12-1 6x4m

XB189 4x3x2.2m

XB190 5x4m


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