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Xincheng will provide some popular products as promotion items for clients choose. There are two times or one time at least in each month. Warmly welcome clients to choose!

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Download Promotion for 2013 Download Promotion for 2014

1.Promotion for 2013-(January)

2.Promotion for 2013-(February)

3.Promotion for 2013-(March)

4.Promotion for 2013-(April)

5.Promotion for 2013-(May)

6.Promotion for 2013-(June)

7.Promotion for 2013-(July)

8.Promotion for 2013-(August)

9.Promotion for 2013-(September)

10.Promotion for 2013-(October)

11.Promotion for 2013-(Novermber)

12.Promotion for 2013-(December)

1.Promotion for 2014-(January)

2.Promotion for 2014-(Feb)

3.Promotion for 2014-(March)

4.Promotion for 2014-(April-1)

  Promotion for 2014-(April-2)

5.Promotion for 2014-(March)newest

6.water game promotion July,2014

7.Promotion(Sep) from XINCHENG Inflatables ltd

8.Promotion for new design(Nov) from XINCHENG Inflatables ltd

12.XinCheng New and Funny inflatable games Great profit for you


Download Promotion for 2015 Download Promotion for 2016

1.Special Offer for New Topic Inflatables

2.Inflatable play games promotion sale water games

4.Xincheng new inflatable games in promotion stock items from xincheng sale christmas from xincheng

1.Promotion for new design in 2016 from XinCheng

3.water game promotion water games from xincheng

6.promotional the newest designs

9.Promotional hot sale products in 2016

Download Promotion for 2017  
1.water games promotion  




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