inflatable slide
It is the giant shape and creative design, it captures people's attention. Various designs and colors are available. Inflatable cartoon is widely used in sale events, grand openings, festivals, celebrations and so on.


XH36 6.6x3.5x4.5mH

XR16 3.5x2.5x4m

XR15 3.5x2.5x4m

XR11 3.7mH

XR09 3mh

XR05 3mh

XR04 2x3.5m

XR03 5mh

XM13 6m(h)

XR08 1.95x1.7m

XR01 3m

XR02 3m

XR10 5mH

XR06 3.5mh

XR07 1.8-2.2m


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