inflatable slide
It makes the festive days more attractive. It is easy to install, fold and transport. It contains air blower and lamps,suitable for outdoor and indoor use, such as shows, events, and stores.


XH33 5.1x2.6x4mH

XH32 3.5x2.5x4m

XH31 3.5x2.5x4m

XH30 3.5x2.5x4m

XH29 4x2.8x4.5m

XH28 4x2.8x4.5m

XCS11 3m dia

XH27 4.5mh

XH26 3mh

XA15 3x3

XA14 4.6wx3.6mh

XH12 6m

XH13 5mL

XH21 6m,8m

XA11 2mlx2mh


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