inflatable slide
It is used in the water world. There are various designs to choose from. If the players fail to clear the obstacle, they will fall into the water and this will be great fun. They never stop trying until they succeed.


XS39-14 10x10x0.65m

XCS26 9x1.5x5m

XW72 2.6x5x2m

XCS22 5x2.5x1.8m

XCS21 7x2m

XCS20 4.5x3x2.5m

XCS19 3.7x0.92m

XCS18 10.5x5.5x1.5m

XW68 6x2.5m

XW67 10x4m

XW06-1 4x3m

XW62 2.2mH

XW61 9x2m

XCS12 9.7x5.2x1.3m

XCS04-1 4m dia


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