inflatable slide
Inflatable model can be made to any size, shape and color. It is an effective medium in the crowed marketplace. The power of its size and color can bring about fantabulous advertising effect.


XM24 6x2.5mH

XM22 3.5x2.5mH

XM20 4.5x4.5x1mH

XM18 2.4mH,3mH

XM19 4.88x3.65x2.13m

XM17 3Lx1.55mh

XM15 3x3x0.8m

XM16 12x6x7m

XM12 8x4m

XM04 2x2m

XM03 7x1.5x3.5mh

XM02 8x4m

XM01 26.33ml

XM11 4m(L)

XM10 8m


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