inflatable slide
There are many surprises, obstacles, adventure and slides inside. Kids can have fun through crawing their way in their paradise. The viewers can watch their kids through the transparent windows.


XO98 3x9x3m

XO95 10x4x3.5m

XO94 10x6x3m

XO91 14x4m

XO88 16x4.2x5.2m

XO87 15x3.5x5m

XO86 17x4x5m

XO85 15.8x3x4.6m

XO84 15x3.5x4.4m

XO83 15x3x5.2m

XO82 16×4×5m

XO56-1 8x4x3.5m

XO06-1 15.8x3x4.6m

XO33-1 10x5m

XO80 14x4x6m


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