inflatable slide
Sport games are suitable for everyone. The players will try to play again and again. The design and manufacture is of international level. It can be of any size, shape and color. It is also ideal for launching new products or images.


XP202 3.5x4m

XP201 4.5x4.5x1.6m

XP200 4.5x4.5x0.5m

XP08-1 5x4x6m

XP208 10x2m

XP62 4.9x4.6x4.6m

XP193 8x8m

XP180 10.7x4.6m

XP184 7x7x5m

XP169 9x9x8m

XP76-1 6m dia

XP163 3x1.5x2m+ball 0.8m

XP162 17x6.3x4.3m

XP157 4x4m

XP156 1.2x3x1.5m


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