inflatable slide
Inflatable fun city is huge and complex inflatable games which are larger than 40 square meters. We create this series for players, especially kids to have multiple and care-free fun!


XF05-2 12x6m

XF142 8x3.1x4.2m

XF128 8x6m

XF53-1 8x5x6m

XF78 10x6x5m

XF57-1 17.45x10.2x3.35m

XF96 10x6x4.5m

XF95 7x8x5m

XF05-1 9x10x6m

XF52-1 16x9m

XF86 14x5x5.5mh

XF14 10x8x6m

XF83 7x7x5m

XF79 6x6m

XF36 6.5x7.5x5.5m


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